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Female Empowerment Series


I'm currently working on a series of illustrated digital books specifically focused on women's well-being in a man-made world. Many women struggle with health issues because the research and scientific studies have been focused on men, how to exercise, how to eat, and so on - then when we as women follow all of that advice, we throw our hormones out of balance affecting our mental health, physical health, fertility, weight gain, period pains, and much much more.


women aged 20-30  experience infertility issues

women aged 60+  commit suicide

Those two statistics broke my heart. It motivated me to share all the knowledge I have gained over the years on how to lead a healthy lifestyle as a woman. I want to empower women about their bodies and teach them to take care of them according to our moon cycles (menstrual cycles). 🌙

As new scientific knowledge emerges infused alongside our ancient wisdom - we have the tools to help women lose weight, gain mind clarity, balance their hormones, uplift their mental health, and understand themselves on a deeper level and more! We have the tools and the knowledge to make positive changes in the lives of women of all ages. Yes, even those women who are post-menopause

I hope that this information lands in the hands of my soul sisters across generations so they can step into their powers, feel connected to their bodies and finally start to feel their absolute best!

This series will focus on making you Feel Like a Goddess! I'll cover the female cycle and the powers we hold as women, lifestyle changes to begin healing our bodies, and how to nourish our bodies with the gifts from Mother Nature, and much more!

I can't wait to share the knowledge I've gathered, practised and evolved over the years. Include your email below, I'll be in touch as soon as I'm done writing and illustrating the first guide, which will be all about Fasting for Women according to their menstrual cycle.

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