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The Quest for Self-Love in a Filtered Reality!

During my childhood, glossy magazines showcased flawlessly photoshopped celebrities, casting a shadow of inadequacy upon my self-perception.

These images wounded me deeply growing up and carried their weight until my adulthood.

The decline of print media brought a sigh of relief, I hoped these distorted images would fade away and new generations wouldn't have to grow up with these unattainable standards.

Little did I know, the rise of technology brought in a new era where strangers, peers, and even our friends and family meticulously filter their faces daily, increasing the distortion of reality.

I yearn for a digital realm infused with authentic, unfiltered beauty. I dream of a day where genuine faces shine through, supporting collective healing and a sense of worthiness.

The younger generation, born into a world of instant access to airbrushed perfection, meet an unrealistic standard of beauty maintained by friends, family, and everyday people. It's a surreal image that we've collectively accepted, preserving an unattainable ideal.

While I understand why people choose to use these face distorting filters, I hope that we can collectively work towards self love, worthiness and acceptance to cave a new way for our peers, younger generations and complete strangers, to accept our natural beauty and encourage others to do the same.

Let's work together to create a new standard that values authenticity and self-acceptance.

To my younger self, let me whisper a truth: You are beautiful just as you are. The images you behold are illusions, mere figments of a digital design. Even the celebrities don't resemble those perfected portrayals in reality. Embrace your uniqueness; revel in your innate beauty. Don't compare yourself to illusions or to others; you are a living, breathing masterpiece in a world hungry for authenticity.

Rooted in Soulful Self-Love,



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