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How I Went from Book-Hater to Book-Lover – A Story for Non-Readers!

I used to dread reading books. 📚

Back in the day, I couldn't even make it past the first ten pages of any school-assigned book. 😮‍💨

Picture this: a diligent student, all enthusiastic about homework and studies, yet books were my nemesis. I'd read, yawn, re-read, and then inevitably snooze with a book as my bedtime buddy. 😴

No matter how much I tried, forcing myself to read was like trying to teach a cat to dance—it just wasn't happening.

For a solid three decades, I wondered how on earth people found joy in reading. I mean, pleasure in pages? Mind-boggling! 🤯

But here's the plot twist—things took a turn when I started reading about stuff I actually cared about. Suddenly, the magic happened. I delved into topics that sparked my interest, and lo and behold, my reading mojo ignited. ✨

Fast forward, and now I'm head over heels for books! 🥰📚

Books are like treasure chests of wisdom, and sometimes, it only takes one epic line to flip my worldview. That's the beauty of a good read.

Lesson learned: maybe we're not a lost cause; we just haven't found the right way to do things that tickle our fancy in the first place!

May Your Soul Blossom in Love and Art, Karla


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