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What I’m Doing Now?


Updated August 9th, 2023, from my parent’s home, in Scotland. It’s the middle of summer here, I’m still waiting to see the sun.

Hi! This is Karla from May 2024, just dropping in here to say that I've been working on this site for maybe a total of a week over the past year (I know, I've been prioritizing other things). I'm going to allow this page to sit here as is for now, which also allows me to work through my perfectionism. In the past, I'd let things like this stop me from moving forward, but no more! I'll update it as soon as I can. :)


Travel Plans:

I’m getting ready to travel through Europe for the next three months. We’re going to visit Holland, Germany and Poland. I’ll get to see some family on the way, but especially my granny, who I can’t wait to see.

I need to tidy up the van, book the ferry, book a hotel in London, to visit my sister on the way, fix a few things in the van and minimise my stuff - I don’t own a lot of things, but I can always have less!


How’s Rusty Doing:


The van needs major rust work done. I can’t find anyone in Scotland who does this kind of work. I’m now planning and organising to carry out the work in Europe.

Creative Expression:

I’m on a journey of allowing myself to creatively express my inner feelings, emotions, state of mind, connection, and soul. I love to express myself through self-portrait photography, and I’m slowly dipping into video work too. I'm working through not allowing the fear of judgement or my mind to talk me out of it. 

Expanding My Business:

I’m working towards utilising my skills as a website designer and branding specialist, to elevate the voices of the change makers and world healers. I’m building products that will help fierce and connected women to share their gifts and knowledge with the world in a way that gets them noticed and grows their businesses.


Cultivating Playfulness:

I want to bring more fun and play into my life. I’m scheduling small blocks of time to do fun activities like candle making, arts and crafts, sleepovers with friends, camping trips, and embracing the joy I feel in the moment by jumping over puddles if I feel like it.


Learning About Womanhood:

I’ve lived in the masculine energy all of my life. I don’t know what the feminine energy version of me looks like. I’m now exploring and working to connect with my female energy. Learning to dance alone, and allowing myself to feel in the body and fully express through movement that feels beautiful. Bringing more sensuality into my life. I’m learning about my cycle, to understand myself more and know when my feminine is at most present.


Celebrating My Period:

As I’m learning more about the wisdom of our womb and the female power, I’m slowly surrendering to listen to my own inner wisdom. I’m going to try a raw cacao ceremony soon. Raw cacao is a heart opener and helps to bring to light the messages from within.


Books I'm Reading:

The Code Red - Helping me to understand my period and the magic of all phases of my cycle.

The Artist’s Way - Helping me uncover and heal my creative blocks.

Typography - Learning about the history of lettering and typography that we use today digitally.


Focusing On Health:

I’ve spent almost 10 years learning about health and nutrition. I’ve played around with biohacking for a couple of years now. I now know what works and what doesn’t, and don’t need to test as much anymore. I can now fully implement all the things I learned that make me feel the healthiest in my mind and body.


Drinking More Water:

Seems that most of us are severely dehydrated, and that’s not because we don’t drink enough water - it's because we don’t absorb the water that we drink. That’s because the water doesn’t contain any of the minerals that allow our bodies to absorb it. I tried many things over the years, but haven’t found anything that works most of the time. I’m currently testing with salt. I think it’s working so far, but too soon to recommend it. 


Removing Sugar From My Diet:

For a while now I’ve been playing around with reducing sugar in my diet. On the periods of time when I don’t consume any I feel great. As soon as it gets re-introduced back into my body, even with a small dose, it creates cravings and mind fog. I was able to quit ice cream, sweeties, chocolate and everything in between. I switched to dark chocolate, but the tiny bit of sugar in it is becoming problematic, I need to find a sugar-free dark chocolate.


Creating A Personal Online Corner:

I’m finally putting the time into creating this website and refocusing what I share online. I want to bring value to you, and I also want to express my inner artist along the way. What you see online from me is a combination of both and my messy path to getting better at self-expression and art.

Music I’m Listening To Right Now:

I’m currently connecting with music that moves me and connects to something deep within which evokes deep emotions. Some of those songs are:

Blessed We Are - Peia

Haseya - Ajeet

Jericho - Iniko

Circle Of Women - Nailini Blossom

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