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What I’m Doing Now?


Updated May 11th, 2024, from my van parked on the Spanish island of Mallorca, the city of Palma. I'm hiding away from the strong sun making updates to this page.


Travel Plans:

Left the UK in March 2024, and travelled across France - which was rainy, but ended up being lovely. Then slowly travelled through the north of Spain and spent time in peaceful nature, which is my favourite thing about living in the van. Drove to Barcelona, Spain and took a 9-hour overnight ferry (with zero sleep) to Mallorca, a small Spanish island. A family member is getting married here so we have an actual holiday booked. Arrived here a week early to check out the island, because, why not? Will travel back up to the UK in June to watch Mimi, my parents' cat, and my favourite little thing in the whole wide world! 🥹


How’s Rusty Doing:


The van started making a noise just as we got closer to the Spanish border, so we went to see a mechanic in the smallest village ever in France. It was right before the Easter holidays so he was booked solid. He booked us in 10 days away to replace our wheel bearing, a 2h job. We carefully and slowly drove the van to a paid campervan parking spot, so we wouldn't need to worry about having to change spots and drive anywhere during this time. Fast forward 10 days, the man run into a rust issue and couldn't get the screws off to fix the wheel bearing, after working at it for 6 hours straight - he succeeded but he was spent! When we dropped off the van he was listening to happy pop rock music, all smiling, when we picked up the van, he was listening to Slipknot at full volume, with bags under his eyes, smoking a fag. The image contrast was something else!

We drove off and found ourselves in sunny Spain - but could still hear a noise in the distance so went to see another mechanic - the other wheel bearing got fixed. The noise remained.

Now in Mallorca, we saw a third mechanic about the noise, despite waiting for the appointment for 3 days and him booking us for 8am. We picked up the van at 6pm - and he hadn't even looked at it, asking us for more time. Decided to leave it, spend time by the beach, and we'll get someone to look at it on the mainland of Spain.

Creative Expression:

I'm slowly stepping into creating more from the soul - which is such new work for me and requires vulnerability, which I struggle with big time! I literally have a reoccurring nightmare that I have occasionally which is extremely connected to my inability to be openly vulnerable, and the feeling of being stuck in the ability to share my voice.

Expanding My Business:

I’m working towards utilising my skills as a website designer and branding specialist, to elevate the voices of the change makers and world healers. I’m building products that will help fierce and connected women to share their gifts and knowledge with the world in a way that gets them noticed and grows their businesses.

Personal Projects:

Recently I had an idea that I decided to pursue which you can find on this page here.


Cultivating Playfulness:

I started dancing while walking and it's been the best feeling EVER! It makes me feel so joyful, free and expressive. I have found myself feeling a little shy when people are nearby, but I have been working on this fear and allowing myself to do what I feel in the moment and not giving in to this potential fear. I'm just having fun!


Womanhood Journey:

I’ve lived in the masculine energy all of my life. I don’t know what the feminine energy version of me looks like. I’m now exploring and working to connect with my female energy. Learning to dance alone, and allowing myself to feel in the body and fully express through movement that feels beautiful. Bringing more sensuality into my life. I’m learning about my cycle, to understand myself more and know when my feminine is at most present.


Tracking My Period:

I've been tracking my period in detail for at least a year, and tracking dates for many years before that. I've learned so much about myself and my body from tracking in detail, so I'm going all in! Tracking even more than before, including bowel movements, discharge through the month in detail, moods, feelings, presenting thoughts, nightmares etc. I want to learn as much about my body as possible to fully understand what it's communicating with me. I'm also creating a free downloadable period tracker which you'll be able to find here soon.


Books I'm Reading:

Raise Sister Raise - I found this book in a restaurant in Mallorca just days ago, and it spoke to me, the manager woman gifted me the book when I asked to buy it.

Influence - Understanding human psychology.

Hell Yeah or No - Life-long wisdom in every word on every page.


Focusing On Health:

I’ve spent almost 10 years learning about health and nutrition. I’ve played around with biohacking for a couple of years now. I now know what works and what doesn’t, and don’t need to test as much anymore. I can now fully implement all the things I learned that make me feel the healthiest in my mind and body.


Drinking More Water:

Seems that most of us are severely dehydrated, and that’s not because we don’t drink enough water - it's because we don’t absorb the water that we drink. That’s because the water doesn’t contain any of the minerals that allow our bodies to absorb it. I tried many things over the years, but haven’t found anything that works most of the time. I’m currently testing with salt. I think it’s working so far, but too soon to recommend it. 


Removing Sugar From My Diet:

For a while now I’ve been playing around with reducing sugar in my diet. On the periods of time when I don’t consume any I feel great. As soon as it gets re-introduced back into my body, even with a small dose, it creates cravings and mind fog. I was able to quit ice cream, sweeties, chocolate and everything in between. I switched to dark chocolate, but the tiny bit of sugar in it is becoming problematic, I need to find a sugar-free dark chocolate.


Creating A Personal Online Corner:

I’m finally putting the time into creating this website and refocusing what I share online. I want to bring value to you, and I also want to express my inner artist along the way. What you see online from me is a combination of both and my messy path to getting better at self-expression and art.

Music I’m Listening To Right Now:

I’m currently connecting with music that moves me and connects to something deep within which evokes deep emotions. Some of those songs are:

Blessed We Are - Peia

Haseya - Ajeet

Jericho - Iniko

Circle Of Women - Nailini Blossom

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