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About Me

I have created this online space to reconnect with my inner artist, explore photography, and improve my writing skills. My goal is to share my knowledge about womanhood, personal growth, creativity, alternative lifestyles, freedom, biohacking, and the inner workings of our minds.


Everything I share is true at the time of writing, and as I change and evolve, the opposite might be true.


I’m A Recovering Artist

Since I can remember, I've had a love for drawing. According to my mum, I was always content with just a piece of paper, some crayons, and a cup of water. I would draw for hours until I fell asleep right on the table. I wish I had a photo to remember those times! As I got older, my love for drawing remained, and I started to notice myself improving. I would fill notepads with drawings of Lara Croft, my all-time favourite game character. (oh yes, I'm a big gamer!) Fast forward twenty years, and I found myself struggling to create art, feeling blocked and resistant. This led me on a journey of self-discovery where I uncovered a wounded artist and a wounded child within myself. Now, I am healing and reconnecting with my inner artist, allowing myself to create again.

But Hey, Don't You Do Art For A Living?

For a long time, I believed that I was fulfilling my creative desires. I attended college to develop my skills in art and design and was accepted into the Art School at my University where I specialized in animation. With a degree in my pocket and gaining some experience in games programming, I landed a job as a games artist in the industry. However, after a few years, I desired a more independent lifestyle and decided to become a freelance graphic designer - a dream come true! Although my work requires creative abilities, it is primarily focused on psychology and strategies, with the end goal of being functional and serving a specific purpose. While it may appear creative on the surface, design is not necessarily a means of self-expression.


I Don’t Consume

Mass Media


Our minds are highly vulnerable to external influences. What we expose ourselves to can have a lasting impact on our thoughts and beliefs. I'm very careful about what I allow into my mind. For instance, I stopped watching TV and listening to mainstream music many years ago because I believe that words and messages can become internalized. Instead, I choose to seek out music and art that speak to my soul and evoke positive emotions. This way, I can discover my truth and not be swayed by external media.

Things I’m Working On


  • Learning to love myself.

  • To feel my feminine power.

  • Introducing more sensuality into my life.

  • Stopping negative self-talk.

  • Progress over perfectionism.

  • Creating more - 100day posting callange

  • Putting myself first.

  • Find out here What I'm Doing Now

More About Me


I’m curious - I have a curious nature and enjoy asking questions about everything in life. I’m interested in the world that surrounds us and I love learning how everything works and connects. I take pride in being told that I have a "child-like curiosity." 

I looove learning - Learning is a passion of mine, and I would happily take a job that involves continuous learning and knowledge consumption. I find that learning expands my mind, improves my creative problem-solving skills, and makes me more capable in all areas of life.

I’m a slow thinker - I prefer to take my time to process and analyze all angles and possibilities. My best thinking and problem-solving happen when I journal.

I’m a multitasker - I can tackle multiple tasks simultaneously with ease. I find that it saves me sooo much time and I love seeing how capable I am. 

I go with the feeling - When it comes to work, I go with the flow and follow my instincts. I don't force things or push good ideas to the back burner. Instead, I switch between projects based on where my mind is at in the moment. This approach has allowed me to make progress in all areas of my life, including creating this website - which I had no time for.

I’m a hard worker  - And I'm not surprised by my Polish roots where a strong work ethic is ingrained. Once I set my mind on something, I will see it through to completion. To illustrate this point, when my parents went away for a month, I renovated almost their entire house by myself!


Things I Love:

  • 🌷 Nature

  • 🐱 Cats

  • 🍵 Cacao

  • 🌄 Sunrises

  • 📸 Photography

  • 🌊 Ocean

  • 🌙 Moon

  • 🧘‍♀️ Stillness

  • 🧖‍♀️ Sensuality

  • 💃 Dance

  • 🌺 Flowers


I Have A Desire For Beauty


Creating and making beautiful things is my passion. I enjoy photographing nature, taking self-portraits, writing, acting, singing, dancing, drawing, painting, making candles, renovating houses, and designing interiors. Being surrounded by beauty ignites a fire within me, fueling my desire to create more. Nature is my biggest inspiration, its beauty nourishes my soul and helps me feel present and connected. My journey of creativity is also a journey of rediscovering our roots and our true selves, remembering where we came from and who we are.


Above All, I'm A Soul Living Inside Of My Body.


I completely lost my identity when I quit my job as a game artist. Despite my attempts to discover who I truly was, I found myself becoming more uncertain. However, after engaging in deep healing practices, meditation and surrender, I unexpectedly arrived at a profound realization. We are all interconnected as one spirit, inhabiting our bodies as individual souls. These bodies serve as vehicles for our souls and connect us with the natural world. This understanding is now crystal clear to me.

I Live In A Van


On January 3rd, 2023, my long-term dream finally came true. Since then, I have been living and travelling across Europe with my phenomenal partner, whom I choose not to mention online out of respect for his privacy. I don't follow the pre-designed way of life, when I had a realization about the path I was on, I took immediate action to get off the conveyor belt. It was not the future or life I desired. Now, I am living and enjoying life more than ever before.


I’m A Minimalist


I find that the less I own, the happier I am and the more free my mind feels. Our minds absorb everything we see, so when our surroundings are cluttered, it can be overwhelming. By minimizing my possessions, I reduce the strain on my mind, allowing it to focus on more significant things such as business ideas or exploring the depths of my consciousness. There are other benefits too, like having less to think about, getting dressed quickly, less tidying up, better memory recall, and saving money.

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